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Best Vastu Shastra Tips to Redesign Your Dream Home

A home is what you create with love; a house is merely a building. Everyone want a happy, prosperous house that is full of good vibes. You should employ an antiquated Vedic science known as "Vastu Shastra" into every stage of the procedure to guarantee that your residence has these features. The processes in this procedure include choosing the site, planning the house's structural layout, and decorating the inside. Vastu states that everything you do has a big influence on how well-off you and your family are, therefore you should do it well.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra, which translates to "science of architecture," is a Sanskrit term. It makes use of a number of architectural ideas, including size, layout, and spatial orientation. When building designs adhere to the principles of Vastu Shastra, it is thought that healthier surroundings and more stable energy levels may result. The foundation of Vastu Shastra is the notion of lining up man-made constructions with the surrounding natural environment and spiritual concepts. Although it originated in the Vedic era, this concept is still often used in modern Indian architecture.

Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect home:

  • Make sure the property is square or rectangular:

You should check to verify if your property has a square or rectangular layout, as per Vastu Shastra. Because of the square shape of the land, you may design the rooms in straight lines, allowing positive energy to enter and stay inside the building.

  • It is important that the entry point faces the right way:

Your home's entrance will change depending on which way your land parcel faces. All types of energy enter your home through the front door, and the direction it faces is important for good energy to come through them, according to Vastu Shastra. For your home, access points in the north, northeast, east, southeast, and west are ideal. For good energy, a two-panel inside entry door that swings inward is recommended. It should also be soundproof. The entryway should have a great nameplate on show, be properly illuminated, tastefully designed, and clean.

  • Ensure Adequate Sunlight and Ventilation Access:

A sufficient amount of natural light and a reliable ventilation system are required in each of the rooms. A house with little or no sunlight attracts negative energy. Sunshine is helpful for people' physical and mental wellbeing since it repels negative energy and draws in positive energy. The benefits of the early morning sun's rays are said to be greatest in establishing a healthy atmosphere for residing within a house. Better ventilation in homes or buildings would be advantageous for everyone. Ventilated dwellings, according to Vastu, encourage excellent and positive energy flow. Additionally, it benefits the general health of family members in several ways. Additionally, sufficient ventilation ensures that the house receives enough sunlight.

  • Tips for Redesigning Your Living Room:

A living room is primarily the room that you come into first and spend the most of your time in. As a result, it has to be carefully planned and placed in order to draw calm and prosperity. Vastu states that placing heavy furniture in your living room, such as a couch or divan, toward the south or west, is ideal. Keep all electrical appliances, including the TV and audio system, against the south or southeast wall. Vastu dictates that the leader of the home should always sit on a chair or couch towards the east or north, never under a beam because this might lead to anxiety.

  • Tips for Redesigning Your Kitchen:

Your home's kitchen should be located in the south or southeast corner, according to Vastu Shastra. The kitchen should, above all, face the direction where the sun shines the brightest since fire is the most fundamental kind of energy. When redesigning a kitchen plan, it's important to keep the gas stove and sink away. To prevent family arguments, the dining area must always be adjacent to kitchen and never close to the front door. The kitchen should also always face southeast.

  • Tips for Redesigning Your Bedroom:

It is crucial that you make the right decision for your bedroom since it is so strongly related to how well we sleep and how we feel subconsciously. If at all possible, avoid placing your bedroom in the southeast or northeast corner of the home because that area is perfect for a living room. Keep your head away from the north while setting up your bed. It would be preferable if you carefully researched Vastu for the property before making selections regarding bedroom remodel.

  • More Tips for a peaceful Your House

  1. The northeastern corner is the best location to worship your gods if you have to pick one.

  2. The north wall of the house need to be covered with images of the family shot collectively, especially those that demonstrate affection and cohesion.

  3. Light hues such as white, yellow, pink, blue, or green uplift the spirit, elevate the disposition, and create a pleasant energy in the home. Dark colours, particularly black, should be avoided in a dwelling, however, according to Vastu.

  4. It is seen as lucky to position the mirror only in the east and north directions, with the observer's face always turned in that direction. Additionally, a square mirror is recommended for every homeroom, according Vastu Shastra.

Final Words

Jay Developers follow all Vastu principles while building and designing a residential or commercial project. The five components that make up the main energy of the cosmos are the sun, the earth, the wind, the fire, and the water. Additionally, they work well together when you allow these elements' positive energies to fill your house without clashing with any negative ones. The use of scientific methods to describe phenomena is highly valued in today's culture. The talents our forefathers developed for human well-being and Vastu Shastra, however, were inspired by scientific concepts.

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