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Invest in Affordable 2 & 3 BHK JD Homes in Nashik

Nasik is an ancient city with a lot of Temples. It is a popular pilgrimage destination in India. With travel proximity of 5 hours from Mumbai and Pune, Nasik forms the third end of the golden triangle. Also known as an Industrial hub, Nasik is developing faster every day and with good connectivity with Metro cities like Mumbai Pune. It is an Ideal location if you are looking to buy a property in Nasik.

Surrounded with captivating natural beauty, beautiful mountains and nearly 50 forts on all sides Nashik is a natural haven for tourists and the people who live here. More than 220 species of birds dwell in Nasik’s natural environment. Favorable weather conditions make Nasik ideal for growing almost 400 species of high-quality vegetables and grapes. Known worldwide as the ‘Wine Capital of India’ Nashik produces one of the finest grapes for winemaking and boasts numerous wineries including world famous names like Sula, York, and Chandon.

The municipal administrations have upped the infrastructure in Nasik and they are strenuously working to make Nasik an IT hub. Nasik has emerged as a hotspot and as a satellite city of Mumbai. Compared to Mumbai and Pune the property rates in Nashik are reasonable as of yet which makes it an Ideal investment for good returns in the near future. Affordable property rates with the pristine environment of Nasik City has already attracted a lot of investments from around the world.

Property values in the last few years have shown good appreciation of 15%-25% due to the presence of the commercial belt and improved educational infrastructure. The city has become mostly self-sufficient due to the expanding IT and Industrial belt. Growing employment opportunities has attracted many skilled and unskilled professionals and created a strong housing demand. The abundance of water supply, sanitation facilities and the development of physical infrastructure has created a positive buyer sentiment.

Nashik’s Igatpuri and Sinnar regions are hotspots for future growth as they are part of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. With Local and national real estate developers offering affordable homes in Nashik between INR 20 lakhs and INR 35 Lakhs neighborhoods like Indira Nagar, Pathardi, Makhmalabad and Anandwalli are witnessing a significant facelift.

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